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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Q: Do I need a permit to purchase a handgun?
A: If you are a Minnesota resident, yes you do.  You must apply in person at your local Police Department.  If there is no local Police Department you must apply with the Sheriff’s Department in the county where you reside.  If you possess a valid MN Carry Permit it also applies as a permit to purchase.  For all other states please check your local laws.

Q:I do not live in Minnesota.  Can I purchase a gun from you?
A:Yes.  We work with people from outside of Minnesota all the time.   In some cases we are able to sell you the gun just by doing the federally required transfer while you are here.  In almost all cases we can ship the gun to a Federal Firearms License holder near your home to meet the transfer requirement.   As an example, if you live in South Dakota and are here in person you can purchase a long gun just like a Minnesota resident.  If the same person were to buy a handgun we would help arrange the transfer to be done in their home state.  If you aren’t sure how this applies to your state give us a call or use our Contact Us page to send us an email.